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Otoño -Autumn- was conceived during a live show of my current impro-visual tour #dada. The core melody of the song was improvised during a live session and then arranged and produced in between travels until this final version.

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I´m an independent musician in constant motion. Guitarist by nature, multi instrumentalist by chance. Proud member of ZiX, Co-Funder of JA! Composer, producer, and traveler. Looking forward to collaborate with artists around the globe.

Juan Carrizo

Guitarist | Composer | Traveler, dada

The #dadatour is on the move

dada is traveling through spontaneous composition. Starting with a chord, a strum, a hit, a word, an image or a memory, the whole musical-sonic-visual journey unveils for the spectators. The tools? Experimentation, improvisation and the experiences of more than ten years of breathing music, images and sound (and travels, people, cities and so on).

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[idea intervención] El linyera del futuro se apersona en un supermercado, hace sus compras y, al llegar a la caja, intenta pagar con música.

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I mainly write about music, guitar, sound and travel with casual aproches to marketing, technology and ecology. It is all written in spanish but there´s an automatic translation to several languages that works better than I expected.

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I compose, arrange, mix and produce my won music. I´m bound to collaboration with other artists, not only musicians but audiovisual and performers.

My credentials include besides music, filmmaking and a sound postproduction degrees. I´m the proud guitarist of the international heavy metal act ZiX currently presenting our debut album produced by the 7 times Grammy Award winer, Mr. Steve Thompson.

I´ve been collaborating with others artists around the world in all music genres -rock, pop, folk, filmscoring and even country as a mandolin player-.

Juan Carrizo

Guitarist | Composer | Traveler, ZiX

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