360º Consultancy


The favorite so far. In a couple of weeks I analize your online communications strategy and work fix everything to a solid ground where you can grow your business from. Also, you will get an action plan for further development of your involved teams.

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This holistic online communications approach includes the Strategic Consultancy + 10 hours of me working with your team and the resolution of technical difficulties that might be.

My goal as an online communications consultant is to empower my clients with both the initial basis of a solid comunicación strategy and give the tools and knowledge for them to be able to scale from that firm ground up when the business grows or the needs changes.

It is an ecologic vision that aims to solve problems from the very root so everything that “grows” after, is healthy and efficient without the need of going back to already “solved” issues. Thats how I optimize the effort and resources invested in online communications strategy.

Some of the aspects I check are:

Content Duplicacy Check
Google Penalty Check
Mobile Usability Check

Title & Meta Tags
Content structure
Page Speed Analysis
HTML Code check according to W3C standards
Link Structure
Pages H tags
Canonicalization/301 Redirect
Image & Hyperlink tags
Robots.txt status

Call to action distribution and articulation
Cornerstone approach
Internal linking
Information Architecture

Social media coherence
Social media linking


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