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The next #dadalive streaming sesiones is cheduled to Wednesday march 20 at 20:00 hs (MX time). Till then, stay tuned to my social media accounts or watch the past live streaming sessions >>>

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Every week a new #dada live streaming concert. When the music ends, we can chat a bit 🙂

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I´m an independent musician in constant motion. Guitarist by nature, multi instrumentalist by chance. Proud member of ZiX, Co-Funder of JA! Composer, producer, and traveler. Looking forward to collaborate with artists around the globe.
Juan Carrizo

Guitarrista | Compositor | Viajero, dada - ZiX - Anna Fiori

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Making music is my job 🙂

You can listen, buy and share it from below. Want me to work on your music? Sure! get in touch!. Just wanna show some love? Invite me a coffee
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