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Rock Guitarist | Composer | Live Looping Artist
Long Story Short

I´m independent musician from Patagonia Argentina currently living in between my hometown and Mexico City. Live Looping Artist, rock guitarist and multi instrumentalist. I compose, arrange, record and produce my own music, but also am a team player and really love sharing music with other people. I´m always looking forward to join forces with good creative people, musicians or not and create something beautiful.

I´m proud member of the international heavy metal act ZiX currently presenting our debut album produced by the 7 times Grammy Award winer, Mr. Steve Thompson. Also member of Mexican Symphonic Metal band Anna Fiori and Gothic Alternative band Advena Lupus from Norway.

I´m co-funder of JA! with Romina Pereiro and Adrian Cormillot.

I´ve a picture with Alberto Cormillot doing metal horns.

I´m always looking for new horizons both musical and artistically.

Early days

I was born in march 24, 1983 in Viedma (Patagonia, Argentina). At the age of 8 I studied piano for a while. Later on, as a teenager, I started singing heavy metal. Finally, by the time I had 17, I picked up a guitar and start messing around.
Although the six strings are definitely MY instrument and the one with i had worked the most, I´m use to compose and perform with other string instruments such as bass and mandolin, the obligated keys piano, synths, some vocals here and there, and orchestral -virtual- instruments for most of my arrangements.

What I´ve learned

My very first musical education began with piano lessons at 8 years old. Almost 10 years later I grab a guitar and started learning the six strings with Alberto Dimodica, an amazing blues and jazz player.

I´m mostly self taught but I´ve always been in contact with awesome teachers from different genres. From time to time I would have a couple of lessons for specific topics. I´ve came to find in the exchange with others musicians the most rewarding experience not only musically speaking but also personal and spiritually. That´s why I include all the time that I spend with fellows artists as part of my constant education.

During the time that I lived in Bahia Blanca (2001-2006) I took classes with 3 different maestros, Marcelo Borelli and Adrian Aguirre, both of them rock guitarists and Alberto D´Alessandro who introduced me to the right hand techniques that I later incorporate to my today´s hybrid picking.

Once in Buenos Aires (2007-2014) I met several guitarist, I took some classes here and there but it was when I met Pino Marrone that everything changed. He introduced me to new voicings and sounds that I never knew that could be achieved with a guitar.

In México I studied Arrengement and reharmonization in Guadalajara and currently attendding the “Sonic creation with New Technologies” course in the CMMAS in Morelia.

I have a degree in Audiovisual Enterprises (UNS) and -almost- a degree in Lic. in Sound Post Production (UNLa – thesis pending). I´ve also made a course of music for films and theater with Martin Pavlovsky and one course of music for advertisements with Leo Sujatovich.

What about the real world...

I´ve been involved in several musical and artistic projects. Most of them as a rock guitarist, but also as a mandolin player (Richard Lake) and a singer (Abigail, Hellmec). All recordings available are in the music section.

I´ve also been involved in audiovisual projects making music for films (Heralda) and commercials (Evernote). Oh yes, and I´ve played hanging from a ceiling thanks to my work with Duomo company. That´s when my love for harnesses started.

My education in audiovisual maters summed to my experience as a director and producer during my years in Bahia Blanca have given me the chance to learn the whole audiovisual environment so my knowledge is not limited to technical stuff, I know as well the human factor of each part involved in a production. That´s quite useful since I tend to understand what the rest of the team is having in mind while I keep on hitting notes in the guitar 🙂

In the last years working for Cormillot Health Network, I really improved my skills as a project leader, coordinating efforts with different teams across different places and technical implications.

Some credentials

2020 Arrangement and re harmonization | Novo Tempo, Guadalajara.

2019 Sonic Creation with New Technologies. Supercollider | Centro Mexicano para la Música y las Artes Sonoras (CMMAS, Morelia)

2013 Introduction to improvisation by Gary Burton | Barklee College
2011 Alan Parson ́s Master Class Training Session
2010 Acoustic Reconstruction  of Colon Theater
2009 Seminar “ Surround 5.1 Mix and Mastering”
2007 “The musical identity in advertising and films: from storyboard to piano”
2007 “Music and sound for commercials”
2007 “Music Production for films and theater”

2012 Human-Computer Interaction | Stanford University
2012 Certified Community Manager –  Argentinian Ministry of Labor
2011 Certified Teleworker – Argentinian Ministry of Labor
2009 Seminar “Usability day”
2008/09 International Seminar  “Mobile Solutions – the mobility in the XXI century business – 5º and 6º edition
2006 “1º International Journals of elearning for the teaching of practical sciences”


Puedo grabar rítmicas, arreglos y/o solos con calidad profesional y listas para mezclar o re-amplificar. En tu estudio, en vivo o a distancia.


Aprender una nueva técnica? Desarrollar mayor precision? Perfeccionar el ritmo y la dinámica? Explorar nuevos voicings? Puedo ayudarte ?


Tus canciones, en su mejor version. Animate a escuchar tu música con la vision de un productor que sume y potencie todo lo que tu sencillo, EP o album puede dar.


Una mezcla dinámica y bien balanceada le puede dar otro vuelo a tu música. Saquemos el mayor provecho de cada sección de tu canción.


Hace que tu demo o EP cobre vida con masterización digital profesional.

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