Juan Carrizo

Support my music

Below you can find several ways to support my art. Money is not always involved 🙂

Anna Fiori Hell and Heaven 2020


A one time donation with your credit card through the good old PayPal.

Mercado Pago -one time-

A one time donation of AR$300 o sthe equivalent in local currency. This money is enough for me to get some “facturas” to eat with my mate while composing 🙂

Mercado Pago -recurrent-

Set the amount of your choice and it will be automatically be transferred to me monthly. Please attach a message telling me in which project you would like me to dedicate that time.

Buy my music + bonus

In Bandcamp you can find plenty of my music, some of that is exclusive to the plataform 🙂 You can show some love for one project by getting the extra stuff.


Are your frequent traveller miles about to expire? I can probably make good use of them! Like traveling somewhere for a presencial collaboration.


You are more than welcome to join me also in the extra musical surf thats needed all the time. Audio engineer? Photographer? Designer? Video Editor? You are very welcome!.

Thanks to YOUR support I can continue to do music freely

One of my funding stones of my work is that money should not be a barrier to access my art in any of its forms. Thats why its important for me that you know that is thanks to your direct support that I can continue to create music with open Creative Commons licenses for anybody to enjoy and use.

Down here there are some streaming plataforms where you can listen to my music.


Puedo grabar rítmicas, arreglos y/o solos con calidad profesional y listas para mezclar o re-amplificar. En tu estudio, en vivo o a distancia.


Aprender una nueva técnica? Desarrollar mayor precision? Perfeccionar el ritmo y la dinámica? Explorar nuevos voicings? Puedo ayudarte ?


Tus canciones, en su mejor version. Animate a escuchar tu música con la vision de un productor que sume y potencie todo lo que tu sencillo, EP o album puede dar.


Una mezcla dinámica y bien balanceada le puede dar otro vuelo a tu música. Saquemos el mayor provecho de cada sección de tu canción.


Hace que tu demo o EP cobre vida con masterización digital profesional.

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