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Juan Carrizo is an always on the move musician. Guitarist, multi instrumentalist and live looping artist. He composes, arranges, record and produces his own music and other artists. He is always looking forward to join forces with good creative people, musicians or not and create something beautiful.

His credentials include, besides music, filmmaking and a sound postproduction degrees. He has taken courses with such talented people as Leo Sujatovich, Martin Pavlovsky, Pino Marrone, Gary Burton and Alan Parsons.

Juan is guitarist in Anna Fiori band (Symphonic Metal, Mexico) and funding member of the international Heavy Metal act ZiX along with members from Lebanon and United States. With this band he has worked on an album with the seven times Grammy Award winer Mr.
Steve Thompson, played in the International heavy metal festival Metal Days in Tolmin, Slovenia and share stage with Testament.

Juan has been collaborating with other artist around the world in all music genres -rock, pop, folk, filmscoring and even country as a mandolin player-.

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Juan Carrizo

Guitarist | Composer | Producer, dada


Every Wednesday a new dada live streaming

dada live looping

dada is a journey to spontaneous creation. Starting with a chord, a strum, a hit, a word, an image or a memory, the whole musical-sonic-visual journey unveils for the spectators. The tools? Experimentation, improvisation and the experiences of more than ten years of breathing music, images and sound (and travels, people, cities and so on)

Not only the images and music are conceived at the very moment, also the sounds character of each instrument and the places that they will occupy in the space are subject to the “humor” of the moment.

Each sound and process have its own visual counterpart so the experience is completed by real time generated images along with the music that is being composed. It´s kind of a giant audiovisual instrument and its consequence is a piece that transmutes from show to show.

A kind of spinoff from this project is #dadalive. A weekly live streaming where Juan composes a song in real time and live streams it through his web social media channels like Facebook and Youtube. Some of those live looping sessions then evolve and get recorded, produced and published in 12 hours or less to be featured as songs at #dadalive on SoundCloud.


Juan Carrizo | Otoño

Fuego Negro | Single

First single from “In Ohtli Tonalli”, the upcoming Anna Fiori´s album that we recorded in 2017 in México.
Juan Carrizo | Otoño

Tangram | Single

Born in dada´s live looping sessions. Recorded and produced on the road on both sides of the ocean.
Juan Carrizo | Otoño

Tides of the Final War | Album

First full length album by ZiX with guest participation of legends from Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Manowar among many others.

All music

Every song from Juan Carrizo and his side projects along time are here. Also there is a bunch unreleased music.

How do I look?

Pics and vids both live and studio

In pictures



Thanks to the invitation from Anido to perform a live improvisation for their campaign #turiosemuere (your river is dying), I had the oportunity to get back to an old musical idea.

El pibe ansiedad

Five hours in a bus from Bahia Blanca to Viedma. Five hours to render a time-lapse and compose the music for it with Vacumm and Pro Tools 10 stock plugins.


Video Clip of the single of this someday to come guitar-solo EP. Some library footage + filters and time and motion adjustments.



Starting with a chord, a strum, a hit, a word, an image or a memory, the whole musical-sonic-visual journey unveils for the spectators. The tools? Experimentation, improvisation and the experiences of more than ten years of breathing music, images and sound (and travels, people, cities and so on) +info

Serruchando a Lola

One of those trio times during the #zapadademiercoles jam sessions. Facundito on bass and Andres in the drums…
The jams started during the second semester of 2014 in several rehearsal studios around Buenos Aires City.

El Desierto

Richard Lake, the band where I use to play mandolin for several years, live and kicking in Ingeniero White town.

What´s said about me

Press clipping, reviews and mentions
Juan Carrizo en Evernote


By the time that Evernote was introducing his app in Latin America, they contact me for an interview on how I use their app in my creative process.
Juan Carrizo en la Metal Hammer

Metal Hammer

A year after the release of ZiX´s debut EP, the well known Metal Hammer Magazine lists us as one of the 100 bands of the year.
Juan Carrizo en Time Out Beirut

TimeOut Beirut

Once the ZiX´s EP was independently released, a prestigious magazine from Beirut started asking for us.

Indie Music Discovery (California, 3/8/2022)

Play Music con Riardo Aravena. Radio Cosmos (Chile, 13/7/2022)

Tu propuesta Cultural. (Cordoba, Argentina. 12/7/2022)

El Vuelo del Aguila, Mega 98.3 (Santa Fé, Argentina. 1/7/2022)

Juan Carrizo con Monica Liljehult en Moran Studio (Toluca, México. 29/6/22)

Presentacion de "El Inmortal" en Siempre Hay Musica. (Paraná, Argentina. 27/6/2022)

"La conexion está hecha" en Music Jam (Ciudad de México, México. 27/5/22)

Juan Carrizo por Bitacora Comarca (Viedma, Argentina. 14/6/20)

dada: musica en movimiento en el International live looping Festival 2018 | Ciudad de México may 2018
Juan Carrizo representa a Argentina en la FICA -Feria Internacional de las Culturas Amigas- 2018. Ciudad de México. 15 abr 2018

Entrevista a Juan Carrizo, con Claudia (Radio Nacional AM 1150 | Viedma, Argentina. 12 ene 2017)
Juan Carrizo presenta "Dada" en Viedma (Austral Web | Viedma, Argentina. 11 ene 2017)
Carrizo regresa a Viedma con un espectáculo musical de alto vuelo (Diario Rio Negro | Viedma, Argentina. 12 ene 2017)
Entrevista a Juan Carrizo en La Mañana, con Maria Susana (FM Raices 91.7 | Viedma, Argentina. 11 ene 2017)
Juan Carrizo presenta "dada" en Viedma tras recorrer el mundo (Diario Noticias de la Costa | Viedma, Argentina. 10 ene 2017)

Entrevista a Juan Carrizo en La Vuelta Explosiva (Radio Nitro | Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina. 15 dic 2016)
Juan Carrizo habla sobre ZiX en La Frontera de Silencio (Hercios de Metal | Madrid, España. 16 nov 2016)
Sobre usos y costumbres en el Festival de Cine de Mar del Plata (Diario Rio Negro | Argentina. 10 nov 2016)
ZiX After Metal Days (We Don´t Care Music | Bad Ischl, Austria. 22 ago. 2016)
ZIX Feature at METAL DAYS 2016 (Metal Bell Magazine | Beirut, Libano. 03 abr. 2016)
Un espectáculo lleno de vida e improvisación: “dada” (Afactys | España. 3 ene, 2016)
La carcel de Fin del Mundo (Noticias de la Costa | Viedma, Argentina. 4 ene. 2016)

Estreno de Otoño de Juan Carrizo en Monoambiente (Radio Nacional Rock | Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires, Argentina. 15 oct 2015)


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