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dada is a journey to spontaneous composition. Starting with a chord, a strum, a hit, a word, an image or a memory, the whole musical-sonic-visual journey unveils for the spectators. The tools? Live looping, experimentation, improvisation and the experiences of more than ten years of breathing music, images and sound (and travels, people, cities and so on).

Juan Carrizo

Guitarist, Composer, dada


Not only the images and music are conceived in the very momento, also the sounds character of each instrument and the places that they will occupy in the space are subject to the “humor” of the moment.

Each sound and process have its own visual counterpart so the experience is completed by real time generated images along with the music that is being composed. It´s kind of a giant audiovisual instrument and its consequence is a piece that transmutes from show to show.

the instrument
The instrument is a compound of several parts. The foundational piece, the guitar and the old good microphone are running through several analog and digital processes: a Suhr Riot distortion pedal, an Ibanez Tube Screamer mini, a high fi multi effects (Eventide H9) and an analog delay emulator + looper TC Electronics AlterEgo vs. There also an AKAI MPK MK2 MIDI controller in charge of real time shaping to the sounds and the triggering of virtual instruments such as, pianos, strings and synths. For percussions I´ve set up a couple of contact mics and configure them as trigger. In addition to that, I´m using an Ebow, a motion leap controller and an iPad running Conductr. All this analog and digital signals ends up in Ableton Live where some digital processes take part to finish shaping the audio and plus, all the video magic is born thanks to MAX for Live and several hours of programing. The multi track audio interface and midi controller is a new Keith McMillen Instruments kMix
the experience

Since spontaneous composition is the foundational stone of this project, THE tool that I use the most is improvisation. That being said, the ONE thing acting as an envelope to the show is basically YOU, the public. That “something” that a bunch of people generates when gathered around an artistic manifestation. Everything, from the acoustic qualities of the venue to the distribution of the public in the room and their behavior, shapes the sonority and musicality of the “music piece” giving in return a unique and unrepeatable experience


[past shows] live looping around the world


Ing. Huergo -house concert-

Borges y Alvarez - Librobar

Aguafuerte Galeria de Arte

[mar 2016] Inauguración de exposición "Perspectivas entorno a la mujer"

[feb 2016] Inauguración de exposición "Erotismo y sus flagelos; el sexo, el placer, la culpa y el dolor"

[ene 2016] Inauguración de "Exposición Colectiva 1.16"

Academia de Arte de Florencia

Cracovia 32

Y2K International Live Looping Festival

La casa de lxs locxs [house concert]

Music Club

Munich -house concert-

[casa de Nuri] Munich

Beirut - house concert-

[casa Ziad] Beirut

La Salamandra

Vicente el Absurdo


[upcoming concerts]


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