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Juan Carrizo 101

Multi instrumentalist | Poli placeist | Hetero intrestist | Mono

I was born in Viedma, Patagonia Argentina.

I lived in Buenos Aires

I lived in Beirut for a month

Now I live in Mexico City

I studied IT engineering for a year and a half

I have a degree in Audiovisual Enterprises (UNS)

I´ve -almost- a degree in Lic. in Sound Post Production (UNLa)

Alan Parsons Masterclass

I took a workshop with Alan Parsons

I´ve been a construction worker

I won eight international Taekwondo championships

I´ve been an entrepreneurship teacher

I´m pretty good at analyzing numbers and finding patterns

I worked as a multimedia designer

I was manager for web sites with +100.000 monthly visitors

I´m an independent musician in constant motion. Guitarist by nature, multi instrumentalist by chance. Proud member of Anna Fiori & ZiX, Co-Funder of JA! Composer, producer, and traveler. Thanks to my dada project I collaborate with artists allover the world.

Juan Carrizo

Guitarist | Composer | Traveler


I can speak English -and native spanish-


I can try hard to speak Portuguese

I´m a team player

I like driving and do have a license for it.

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